Sunday, May 31, 2009

Ye Olde Medieval Festival

Blah blah, rainy rainy day. We woke up at 12 and went to Cafe Hermes before siesta time to get some pizza. They are so nice (they love Santa Chiara students) and they gave us free pastries after our meal. Then as we go to walk out it starts monsooning.. haha. All day we have been in the center, on the computer.. which I kinda wasnt planning on doing since i mean we are in italy. I didnt exactly come over here to waste a day on the internet, but there is no where we can go and everyone is sleeping or on their computer too. ha

AMAZING NEWS! Castiglion (train abbreviation that we all use now) is hosting a Medieval festival this WHOLE week! We went last night and got there just at the end of a duel sequence and just before a group of jesters entertained the crowd. They were kindof weird/ not funny but then a man ate/spit fire and that was cool. He did that while a rock group of bag pipes was playing. Like they had the rocker stance and their beats were pretty amazing... After that a male group of flag dancers/throwers performed and they were probably better than our high school's flag team. They did crazy throws and tosses of the flags not just in the air to themselves but mainly to another thrower. They had on tights and skirts, haa. It looks like it will be alot of fun this week!