Friday, November 13, 2009

Hear Ye Hear Ye!

"We bow real low, we empty kegs, so raise a glass and spread a leg!" - Imma Spreada Legga Renaissance Sorority chant.

Renaissance Festival... you never leave without a good story or two. I went almost every year with my mom when i was younger so I thought I would remember some things about ole Ren Fest.. The funny thing is: it hasnt changed ONE BIT. Even the same guys doing the mud show.. the same jokes.. everything. But hey- i still love it just the same.

The group of girls I went with were approached by two ladies -employees- that decided we were fitting for this years Imma Spreada Legga pledge class... All part of the act but funny just the same. I think I would have too much fun talking in fake british accents, wearing the poofy dresses, and making guests feel really awkward!

Alas, I need not attend their ye olde job faire because I finally got a job! Prayers answered Halleluia! I be working at le Rec center. I also got CPR certified -goes with the job- so I can swipe you to get in and maybe save your life, you never know. "Receptionist saves life.." i can see it in the headlines now..

Besides work and play, life is good. Classes are fine- but its the calm before the storm. Lots and lots of group presentations are upon me and they are- for the most part- all falling on the same week, much less the same day. YIPEE. Seeing as presentations are my favorite thing ever, why not pile them into one giant hell week? Professors really think that you are only taking their class so you should have no problem with it, but excuse me? I am a full time student...well barely, but still! There is nothing wrong with 12 hours.

I checked Denver off my college travel checklist.. I went about a month back and stayed with my old roommate Jenny. We went on a TEN mile hike that was beautiful and humbling and amazing and basically ate gelato the rest of the time. Mmmm

My next place is Boston- I am going in February with my business organization and I couldn't be more thrilled! I went to Boston when I was like 12- which means I remember nothing from it- so it will be exciting to see it again and really see it. Its gonna be freeeeezing though! I will be wearing thick thick socks, and then a pair on top of that. Can't wait! I also hope to go to Baton Rouge/ LSU next semester and then maybe who knows, Cali has been calling my name for a while now so there too ;) If just traveling and writing about it could be my job I would hop on that for sure!

Well. this post was the least productive or insightful thing ever. but hey- I wrote something.. If you made it this far you deserve a medal and you should read my Italy stuff for better entertainment :)