Friday, February 19, 2010

New Year, New Story.

Happy New Year.... in February..

Took long enough? Yeah I know. The times have changed, and with this new year and new semester that means I have no time. Period. Like really.. zero free time. I am only taking 12 hours but one of those classes is an internship in which I have to complete 300 hours over the semester.
So to break it down for you... thats around 20 hours a week at the Museum internship. Plus 10 hours a week at my Rec job, plus 9 hours class and studying plus 2 intramural basketball teams = no social life.
I practically live out of my car half the time. No lie, when I walk outside in the morning I have 5 bags: lunch, purse, backpack, clothes for work, and jacket/water bottle (which count as a bag in this case cause they are bulky).
I am sure it sounds like "complaint, complaint, complaint"- but its really not like that. I love working at the Rec. I love my internship and the people I work with at the Museum. I love playing basketball with my coed and all girls team. Classes... eh.. they're ok. Classes really feel like the biggest job out of them all.
Because of being so busy I haven't had as many crazy escapades.. well, thats a small lie, I have had few, big escapades.
A.k.a. My BSC Pro-Trip to Boston was postponed because of snow and - being a crazy random splurging traveler- I went to Mexico City to visit one of my best friends studying abroad there! One of my roommates came with and we just had a BLAST. Mexico gets a bad rap for being dirty and gross and scary but I think Mexico City was so uniquely beautiful- and at least the weather wasn't cold wet and rainy! Twas gorge porge and I came home feeling accomplished with a small sunburn. The Boston trip is coming next week, Wednesday thru Sunday, and I am pumped to be traveling with my roomies and some cool BSC peeps. Its going to be a tad chilly but it will be worth it all in the end.

Things I have realized this semester so far:
1. I love retail. I am good at it and it gets me excited. Potential store owner?

2. I love traveling. Flying anywhere to visit or see sights makes my insides laugh, which makes me squeal like a pig. My roommate Emily can attest to that ;)

3. I love my family. I have realized this my whole life, but I had such a good time with my parents over break that I just had to throw it in there. I am blessed for how and who they have raised me to be who I am now.

4. You can't do it all. Sometimes you have to cut back a few hours here and there or else you will seriously burn out.. hair on fire. haha

5. Everything happens for a reason. EVERYTHING. Two students in my small hometown passed away this year and it has been so hard, but I know that there is a reason for the pain. From the tragedies, the high schoolers and middle schoolers are more mature than I am.. they have been forced out of the small town bubble to see that tragedies happen, not just in big cities or in TV shows. Its so hard to take in or even wrap my head around, but I know God has a purpose in it all. A mysterious, wondrous purpose.