Tuesday, May 26, 2009

20 Hours Later.....

WE MADE IT!! After a 10 hour flight, 2 hour layover in Paris, a 2 hour flight to Rome, and a 3 hour bus ride we have arrived in Castiglion Fiorintino. Its nighttime here so you cant see much yet but by tomorrow the town will be illuminated and we will start orientation. Looking outside our window feels like a stage setup. we have a small space between our entrance to building across the cobblestone street. We have already had our first run in with the neighbors above. I cant imitate it over writing but just imagine an older grouchy italian woman saying "SILENCIO" outside her flowerpot window! Ha ha
Also you would have thought all this Italy stuff would have hit me by now.. nope still hasn't! But I will let you know when it does!