Wednesday, May 27, 2009

umm... OW!!!!! Bumper Cars have lost their fun..

Never.. and I mean NEVER... ride bumper cars with Italian men! This act will end in a sore throat from screaming, bruises and giant knots on both knees, and a dirty plot to strategize against said Italian men. So basically, yes, this was my night. We had an amazing dinner then went to the Garden Underground and watched the ManU and Barcelona game (Spain won 2-0). Then after a while a group of us went to this small fair going on outside our center... and when I say small, I mean one ride working... and it was bumper cars. Each one had a distinct logo or design ( me and another girl's was Heiniken but there were some clever ones like the confederate flag or uncle sam or cartoons & stuff). Going up there I purchased 1 token for a ONE time go around, but the man gave me two and when I looked curiosly at the second token he just waved his hand off slyly.. hmm.. 1st creepy Italian man of the night..
If you thought bumper cars was a fun, innocent, painLESS game in America, come to Italy please and have your world rocked. There were maybe 6 or 7 cars of Ags but another 6 or 7 were Italian middle age men (either paired or by themself). And apparently they are in a seclusive Italian men only bumper car gang where they pinpoint one car they want to literally kill and take action. They even had tricks to hit us harder.. such as: holding hands with another car's passenger and then they would sling them into us (going full speed of course) and also they would stand up as they ran into you to push the car harder. And ..oh, if you hit them, best believe they were coming for you and you were gonna get it! Everytime they hit you they would look at you too, as if they were waiting to see your painful reaction. Not cool.. OH and since the steering wheel fit right in between my knees, I currently have giant knots and bruises on the insides of them , and if you know me and my bad knee.. that is not fun. I screamed very loud and thus treated myself to gelato afterwards at the infamous CocoPalm. I got Frutti de Bosca, which I believe is a mixed berry flavor (it was delicioso!)
So if you never come away with anything from reading my blog, take this one point: Dont dare ride the bumper cars with Italian men unless you have knee pads and a posse to combat the creepy Italian men!