Friday, May 29, 2009

Memorable Mercado Moments..

Day 3 and I feel like I have been here a week! Its going by soooo slow, but I am not complaining!! Its still a little fuzzy that I am here in Italy, but I think it may be sinking in some more. Today we went to Florence and saw San Miniato (church on the hill overlooking florence) and Santa Croce (the church Michealangelo was buried and has the tomb of Dante and Galileo). It was beautiful, duh.. then we passed by the ever so beautiful (personal favorite) Duomo as we went to lunch at Trattoria della something.. (AMAZING.. but they served us french fries which was weird, but good). Then we had free time in which me and a couple girls went thru the market (a.k.a lots of cheap italian leather, bags, jewelry, the David boxers/aprons..ha) . It was definitely entertaining looking and planning the things I want to buy, but also it was entertaining to hear some funny things from Italians.
1) We walked by a vendor and he asked where we were from. We replied "America," and he said, " America? Barak Obama is my father! I am from Kenya." ..hhah wha?
2) We walked by 3 italian guys at a restaurant and one slyly looked up and said, "Excuse me... you dropped something.. my heart.." (except say it with an accent so it was like saying "art"
3) After walking farther away ANOTHER vendor goes, " Excuse me ladies, you dropped something.. and its not my heart, its my phone number!" BUAHA original..