Thursday, May 28, 2009

Day Due (dooo-EH)

Today was beautiful. It was perfectly cool but warm (which is good because it is going to get very hot soon). We got up and toured with Paolo Barucchieri, our ARTS teacher from Italy , who knows so much amazing information about everything and has many insightful comments/ideas. What I liked most, as he told us about the church next door, that the church is basically a boat. Sounds funny but it makes sense. "I believe, therefore I am," he quoted from someone knowledgeable, is the basis of this theory. People believe in something, in their theology and faith, in their family's tradition, and they strive to accomplish that through their actions. So in a sense, when they were building the beautiful churches in the ancient times they built them to serve as basically a boat, to get them to that feeling of divine serenity and oneness with their faith. Whoa.. never thought of it like that before but I totally agree..just something to chew on..
So then we had class and ate lunch. After we traveled the 20 ish minutes to the italian h-e-b, a.k.a. the COOP. This is where I purchased some breakfast food and a 1 euro box wine! WOOO! haha, havent tried it yet but I will let you know how it goes :) Later we had Italian class (affirming the fact I know no Italian) and then had an amazing dinner and planned our weekend to Capri and Sorento! Tomorrow we are off to Firenze (Florence)!
Buona Notte!