Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Back to the Same Ole Same Ole..

Wow, I'd forgotten you don't have to be in Italy to blog. I think I've actually kind of missed this twisted journal, so here goes it again. Junior year: Take One.

This semester is all new. New house, new roommates, new church, new classes.. I thought at first that I wouldn't really like the "new"s but it hasn't been so bad.

The house is amazing: white with columns and a big red star, right behind the stadium, close to lots of other college students, etc.

The roommates are AMAZING and key to my everyday survival. Melissa always has a story, Emily always has an inspirational thought, and Rebekah always makes me laugh. Whats the best part is that all these girls are devout in their faith and are inspiring me in so many ways...

Thus leading into the new church. AH! I am so glad to have FINALLY found somewhere that is calling me. Brazos Fellowship is a contemporary non-denominational worship service that I can proudly call my permanent sanctuary! Oh, and when I say contemporary, I mean it.. Its not your typical hymnal style church. The praise band makes you feel like you are at a Hillsong concert and the pastor is casual in his button down and trendy jeans. So far these past two weeks I have felt like the sermon was like Jesus taking an exerpt from my diary and sending it to pastor Will with a note saying, "Oh yeah, and Nina is going through this so you might want to preach on it.. Sweet, Thanks!" Its an awesome feeling and I have also gotten involved in a small group! Things are just rollin...

New classes.. hm... Well nows the time when I start my Marketing electives and start falling in love with my major.. right? Um, well. I wouldnt say I am in love at all actually. I feel like this is all an annoying 5k and I have just reached mile 2. You cant stop now, might as well finish it out even though you aren't just in love with those leg cramps (presentations?). Alas, as father puts it, "school is just a test of endurance and most people are looking for just that. Not a specific major, but that you did it and finished it."
Note: that speech came after a call I made declaring that if he dropped out of school for hating accounting I should rightfully be able to do the same.. NOT!

Oh I almost forgot.. I have an immense amount of free time. Yeah.. wondering why I started blogging again? I get up early, say 8 A.M... EVERYDAY. Why you ask? Oh just a built in alarm clock in my brain that wont let me sleep late.. So I get up at 8 and diddle daddle around the house until my first class which is 11:30 mwf or 12:45 tth. Thats alot of free time. Then I am done by 2 everyday. Wow.. working out only takes out an hour or so every other day so I am left with a HUGE hunk of time on my hands.. Crafting is an option, yes, but there are only so many magazine rolled trash cans I can make before my hands officially fall off.

Moral of the story: Nina needs a job. BUT the job world doesnt necessarily want Nina.. at all. Try the last 3 applications I've gotten the "Sorry, you fail at life" email and one they just didnt care enough to do that. Humpf.. So unless I start to include the child care options (not likely) I am out of luck. Who knows, someday my optimism will actually work, till then... Ciao tutti!